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Elder C - 2 oz




Elder C is our pure Elderberry tincture. It is formulated through our Triple Extraction Method to produce a very concentrated and potent Vitamin C formula to support immunity and provide strong antioxidant support.

Perfect for:

  • High natural concentration of Vitamin C

  • Rich in Anthocyanins which has been shown have an effect in lowering blood pressure, improve visual acuity, reduce cancer cell proliferation, inhibit tumor formation and more. 

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial activity.

  • Very high concentration of Antioxidants.




Black elderberry (Sambucas nigra) has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for a variety of ailments. It is native to Europe, Northern Africa, and Western and Central Asia. High in vitamin c and polyphenols, additional components of elderberry include the flavonoid anthocyanin.

30% Grain Alcohol

Used in our triple extraction method, grain alcohol aids in extracting all the beneficial properties from the above ingredients in a highly concentrated form.

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