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CLO2 - 2oz


CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Anti-inflammatory (2 oz.)

CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Anti-inflammatory (2 oz.) is a safe, stable, inorganic compound of oxygen and chlorine-containing ingredients in a colorless and odorless aqueous medium. A function of CLO2 is to release chlorine dioxide. This product is used for bacterial /fungal infections and for the possible eradication of yeast, parasites and Morgellon’s. Active ingredients include 7% Sodium Chlorite (CLO2 precursor). Provided in a 2oz bottle with eye dropper. 


Dosage should be based on body weight; a 200 lb. person will need approximately twice as much of a supplement as a 100 lb. person. The directions below are primarily from the manufacturer(s) for the average 150-160 lb. man or woman.

Suggested use:  1 drop CLO2 per ounce of water. Up to 30 drops per day. Start with 10 drops in a liter of water (33 ounces) to a maximum of 30 drops and drink throughout the day. (Should be taken with the E3 Probiotic)

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