Top 3 Reasons You Need Chaga Mushroom During Covid-19


Spectrum Immunity Chaga Tincture

During these uncertain times, we need all the help we can get to “shore up” our immune systems in the face of this horrific pandemic that we face…

Although a vaccine is a long ways away before it can be made available for the population, there are still things we can all do to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and help “flatten the curve”.

To start, if you haven’t reviewed the CDC guidelines I suggest you do so here. These guidelines are a MUST read, and we at Golden Health Co-Op encourage all of our readers to follow them.

But other than that, is there anything else to do? As a Doctor of Naprapathic medicine, I am constantly on the look out for different strategies, natural solutions and supplements that may help in supporting our immune system during this time.

Now it’s important to note that what I am about to share is in no way a “cure” for Covid-19. But,  research has shown that the Chaga Mushroom is a potent solution that can give you an added “boost” to your immunity.

And here are the 3 reasons why it is a
MUST have during this Pandemic that we are in:

1. It has been shown to have Anti Viral properties!

In-vitro studies have shown that chaga mushroom (Inonotus Obliquus) extracts can prevent viral infections by inhibiting viral-induced membrane fusion...Which is a fancy way of saying that it can prevent a virus from “attaching” your healthy cells and infecting them. (1)


2. It has potent Anti-Cancer properties!

Studies done on human cells have shown Chaga extract to inhibit cancer cell growth (2, 3, 4) and even shown to trigger cancer cell death (5).


3. It is anti-inflammatory and pain relieving.

Several animal studies have shown that taking Chaga on a regular basis can decrease pain response and reduce inflammation in the body! (6).

So how can you get a hold of this “super mushroom”?

We have a product is called Spectrum Immunity, and it is a specialized formula that I have had sourced here in the pristine mountain forests of Minnesota, U.S.A.!

You can grab this HIGHLY concentrated and potent tincture of Chaga mushroom via this special link.

Through a proprietary TRIPLE distillation process, we have managed to squeeze out every bit of the potent medicinal properties of this special mushroom and turn it into a very Powerful formula! You can learn more about it here.

Until next time!

-Dr. Herrera D.N.